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Snow Ex UTV Plow

UTV V-Plow

  • 6’ powder-coated steel flared moldboard

  • Accommodates 5' wide sidewalks when fully angled, scoop or in V mode

  • Standard double-acting cylinders

  • Lightweight and engineered for strength

  • Scrape Lock for clean scraping

SnowDogg UTV Plows


  • Standard double acting cylinders for locked back dragging operation

  • Aggresive flare for moving snow

  • Narrow 60" width at V for tight spaces

  • Simple torsional trip edge design for smooth plowing

MUT60 / MUT68

  • 14ga Brush finished 304 Stainless Steel

  • 4GA Power wires

  • Weight optimized design to work with most full-size UTVs

  • Handheld controller with integral diagnostics

  • Narrow, 63" & 69" width at angle, for tight spaces

  • Full trip edge design for smooth plowing

  • Available in 6 Foot and 6 Foot 8 Inch versions

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